Creating A LARP Blog

So, this is it – the Black Raven Armoury Blog.

It’s been a while coming, forty years in the making to be precise. The coming articles will be a cocktail of how-to guides,

LARP Essentials For Men

We’d all love to be King for a day and while in the LARP and re-enactment worlds that’s technically possible, it takes time, money and dedication before you’re likely to get that call.


60 Things I’ve learned from two decades of Larping and making Leather Armour

1. I could have been so much kinder to my hands.

2. There are better ways to age leather than running over it in a Ford Fiesta.

3. Larpers are the best,

Armour: The Finishing Touches

Finishing Your Leather Armour

This blog is going to cover the process of finishing armour – also often referred to as ”antiquing”. The end process might seem like an odd place to start, but hold fire because there’s method in my madness.

Viking Themed Weddings

Viking Themed Wedding

Weddings are truly unique to each couple and a having Viking themed wedding has surged in popularity in recent years. This could be due to a rise in themed weddings and cosplay in general, a love for the hugely popular TV show ‘Vikings’,

All’s Faire in LARP and War

Whether you’re a die-hard SCA aficionado, a part-time reenactor or you’re simply wondering what to wear for your first LARP event, the important thing is you want to be involved and be making friends at LARPs and Renn Faires.

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