ArmourKote Leather Stain Dark Brown


Each pack contains a twin pack of 150mm bottles of water resistant leather stain
All stains are sent separately from any other products just in case of any spillage

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Introducing ArmourKote, a leather stain solution that goes a great deal of the way towards the eradication of usual hand dying and associated dye leaching issues normally experienced by leather crafters.

Just as it says on the bottle, ArmourKote is an acrylic based leather stain most suitable for use on natural un dyed nature veg tan leather. Colour depth will vary on the number of coats you apply and multiple effects can be achieved by using an abrasive product such as wire wool/ steel wool to vary the final effect (I’ve show some examples on my Facebook page)

This stain dries within 15-20 minutes depending on ambient temperature, with water retardant qualities gained after 6-12 hours and will not require a seal as the stain has a built in wax system. There is nothing to stop you sealing further if you choose, however this is not required, although as with all leather, we would recommend continued regular maintenance of any leather to avoid cracking or splitting over time.

We would still recommend thorough buffing of any excess/loose colour between layers (but little of any will come off) and please note this stain will NOT re colour any leather that has been pre dyed or sealed.

Each pack contains a twin pack of 150mm bottles of water resistant leather stain. I’m selling as twin packs to add to the life span of open and also because it takes about 200ml average to stain one of our kits, leaving a little to take to events for on site repairs.

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