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The Leather Armour Smith

Topics Covered

– Cleaning and Bruising

– Marking Out

– Cutting Out

– Edge Finishing

– Fastening Together

– Surface Finishing

– Leather Forming

– Shaping ONTO a Former

– Moulding INTO Shape

– Rules of thumb

– Armour Considerations

– Appendix of Suppliers

“Latex and Foam Weapons for Cosplay and LARP” (A complete construction and design guide):

A collaborative work with Sean Maguire of Skian Mhor, one of the worlds most respected latex & prop Masters who has designed and built tens of thousands of larp & cosplay weapons over the years.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sean for nearly 20 years and we finally stuck our heads together, Sean allowing me to drill his brain for every single last minute detail… yup.. pretty much everything you could ever possibly need to know when it comes to designing, building and finishing any foam weapon or prop (excluding guns) in addition to more than a few bits of learning we have both developed over the years…

So what’s inside (aside of being jam packed with step by step photos)

– Intro (who we are
– Safety (lots to be careful with)
– Materials (in depth description of types & best uses)
– Tools
– Foams
– Cores
– Glues
– Paints
– Finishing

Not a single bit of detail has been left out !!!! so if you’ve ever fancied building weapons like the pro’s and saving yourself a good few pounds/dollars…. Its all in there.

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