Gunnar SCA Leather Shoulders


The Gunnar SCA Leather Shoulders are one of the most unique designs to be offered by Black Raven Armoury , they have been professionally dyed and built for you by ourselves. Created & designed by Alex Agricola, the whole set is made of premium grade top grain Veg Tanned leather (laminated to a minimum 6mm thickness)

This armour is 100% suitable for a variety of uses, be it SCA event, theatre stage or big screen, this kit will enable you to produce a set of fully functional ?REAL? protective armour.

Made to Order, Ships within 2 to 4 weeks

These items are normally in stock, but require hand finishing and staining for each order, this typically requires 2 to 4 weeks between order date and the shipping date.
  • You can choose NaturalĀ if you prefer to dye and finish the armour yourself

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The Gunnar SCA Leather Shoulders are striking, functional and tough leather shoulder guards often called a pauldron.

Designed by Black Raven Armoury’s own Alex Agricola and enhanced by an embossed? Celtic know work design, the Gunnar Leather SCA Armour Shoulders are formed of premium grade top grain Veg Tanned leather (laminated to a minimum 6mm thickness)

The Gunnar Shoulders are also available with the Gunnar body / breast plate, but they can also be worn with any of leather armours, vambraces and greaves to build up the exact look your character or cast requires.

Traditionally shoulders such as these would be worn to protect one’s shoulders from sword strokes, arrows and other bladed weapons.

This listing is for the Gunnar SCA Leather Armour Shoulders only

This armour is designed to? be worn and used and is suitable for SCA, re-enactment or theatrical use, detailed enough to be used on screen and will stand up to close scrutiny and the sternest critique.


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