Medieval Long Tailed Hood – Ideal For LARP, SCA and Costume


This Long Tailed Hood, is a typical middle ages design, the hood itself protects the wearers head and shoulders from the worst of the weather, the long tail at the back of the hood is not just a fashion item, it can be wrapped around the face like a scarf for even more protection when the weather is particularly bad.

The hood works well worn over several layered items such as a tunic and shirt, it can be worn by both men and women and is a single size

All colors used in these products are applied with a hand dyeing process,?which may lead to slight variations in the final color compared to the product photography on the website.

IN STOCK Ships within 7 to 10 Days

These items are held in stock but may require hand finishing to your specification, this typically requires 7 to 10  days between order date and the shipping date.

Colours: Red, Black,Dark Brown, Green
Sizes: One Size
Material: 100% Cotton



Medieval Long Tailed Hood

This product is 100% suitable for use for the following: LARP Costume, SCA Costume, Cosplay Costume, Stage & Film Costume. It’s of a quality and durability that if maintained correctly will last for many years.

With all natural fabrics, it is important to follow the washing instructions carefully in order to keep the costume in the best condition.

Additional information

Weight0.55 kg

100% Cotton


Black, Green, Red, Dark Brown

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