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Introducing the NEW Sigrun Armour, designed by Alex Agricola the founder of Black Raven Armoury, with original Norse Art by our very own Vitor Gonzalez in either Dragon or Wolf designs and built by one of our expert armour smiths. This design really has come as a result of years of feedback? So often woman?s armour being described impractical by the combatants out there or too ?bra like? by people in general, not to mention the countless comments on ?never the right size or shape? and so was born in my head, the possibility of such an armour?.

So here she is? winning the battle of so many boxes to tick? The Sigrun, an armour that could combine beauty, presence? Something that would work whether wielding a sword?. or ruling a kingdom..A combination of formed breast sections that create a practical shape suitable for combat comfort, over 100 individual scales front and rear, for mid section movement and all made using overlapping 3.2mm veg, backed with suede ? Feminine shape, with offering protection AND fully adjustable at the sides, front & rear shoulders not to mention size options that will work from a 36? bust up to a 54? bust, C cup up to an F cup.

Although we list up to a 46″ Bust, as in stock, we can produce up to a 54″ Bust, please contact us if you need these sizes.

Made to Order, Ships within 14 to 16 weeks

These items are made to special order only and typically require 14 to 16 weeks before delivery, if you really need something sooner please contact us first to see if we can help

This Armour is not suitable for SCA.  Please contact us for pricing and availability of SCA versions

If you have any questions or live outside of the USA or UK and need a shipping quote, please contact us via the button below.
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  • You can choose Natural if you prefer to dye and finish the armour yourself

  • We can supply Brass or Nickle Plated fittings to the armour.

  • We use real or synthetic fur (you choose) to trim your body armour 

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Designed by Black Raven Armoury founder Alex Agricola the Sigrun leather Body Chest Piece Breast plate is the core of? the Sigrun range. It comes with striking original Norse Art by the talented artist Vitor Gonzalez and was conceived to tackle the eons old question ‘what does a lady wear to battle??

The Sigrun leather armour is hand built by Black Raven Armoury’s master armour smiths from the very best? quality

When designing the Sigrun Leather Armoury Alex wanted to? offer shield maidens and warrior queens something a little more practical than a chain mail bikini.

Too often words like impractical, overtly sexual and uncomfortable are used to describe female armour.

The Sigrun female Leather body/breast plate/ chest-piece is an ideal leather armour for women and offers both elegance and protection.

The Sigrun, body is ideal? as a standalone armour or can be combined with the matching greaves and vambraces for a regal look, or with any of our our other leg and arm guards to? create a more unique style.

The Sigrun body is a combination of formed breast sections that create a practical shape suitable for combat comfort. Over 100 individual front and rear scales are combined to create a fully functional armour which also allows the wearer good freedom of movement. The scales are all made using overlapping suede-backed 3.2mm veg.

This strong feminine armour is adjustable at the front, sides & rear shoulders.

?I fist saw her at court in Baron Heinrich von Lauffer?s estate. She wore the armour of a warrior queen. I?d never seen a lady so regal who wasn?t a queen? well, she wasn?t a queen then??

Size options vary from 36? bust up to a 54? bust and C cup to an F cup.

This armour is designed to be worn and used and is suitable for LARPING and re-enactment and is detailed enough to be used on screen, it will stand up to close scrutiny and the sternest critique.

LARP Armours : All of our LARP Armours are a minimum of 3.2 to  mm - 1/8 to 9/64 Inch - 8 to 10 oz Thickness, this is perfect for LARP and Cosplay events where any "combat" that occurs is non lethal and typically involves rubber covered foam weapons with plastic, or fiberglass cores. SCA Armours : All of our SCA armours are laminated to a minimum 6.5 mm- 1/4 Inch - 16 oz Thickness, many also have a degree of water hardening, this combination of hardened laminated leather is ideally suited to SCA and HEMA combat

Please be aware that all of the Armours Black Raven produces are hand made and finished to order, so please allow sufficient time ahead of your event when ordering.

Contact direct with Alex via the Black Raven Armoury Facebook Page

NOTE: No Chainmail, fur or other accessories included, just the leather armour

If you place an order on a Friday afternoon it will not be processed until Monday morning UK time.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 55 × 45 × 25 cm

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Bust Size

36 – 42 inches (91.5 – 106.5 cm's), 40 – 46 inches (101.5 – 117 cm's)

Cup Size

C-D, E-F