The Asmund Deluxe SCA Leather Armour Full Set


Introducing the NEW Asmund Deluxe SCA Leather Armour ,this has been professionally dyed and built by Black Raven Armoury. Created & designed by Alex Agricola, the whole set is made of premium grade top grain Veg Tanned leather?(laminated to a minimum 6mm thickness). All armours come ready built and finished in the colour of your choice, apart from the undyed natural version which is left for you to stain and finish, in your own choice of colour.This Armour is available in two sizes to fit chests ranging from 40-60 inches (102 ? 152 cm?s). In development for 4 months, this leather armour has proved yet another worthwhile challenge, The set comprises the body, greaves and vambraces all with matching designs. Great both as a practical leather armour, plus something that looks good as well as a design that works in true combat.

Another cross over in styles, I wanted to create something that had a story behind the design and here I was inspired by the Asmund Beserks-Slayer, a Viking hero of the Icelandic legendary saga of Egils. Months later? this is the result, to create something special for you. All hand stained and finished, then embossed with our original designs created for Black Raven by our very own Viking hero Artist Micke Johansson and I hope you?ll agree a marriage of crafts made in Valhalla !! As with all my armours, this example design has been lovingly aged, distressed, antiqued and finished to give that ?real? look and feel and I?ve added some light stamp work to show you the kind of look possible with a little extra time, this can be added to your armour for an extra charge by special request.

Made to Order, Ships within 2 to 4 weeks

These items are normally in stock, but require hand finishing and staining for each order, this typically requires 2 to 4 weeks between order date and the shipping date.
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  • You can choose Natural if you prefer to dye and finish the armour yourself

  • We can supply Brass or Nickle Plated fittings to the armour.

  • Add chainmaille to your order, when ordering measure your chest OVER any costume or padding you intend to wear under the chainmaille and breath in while doing so, chainmaille will fit chests down to 6 inches (15 cm) less than the given size, the chainmaille is made from chemically blackened, butted, mild steel rings, the rings are woven in a 4 in 1 style, are 1 mm thick and approximately 1 cm in diameter, the sleeves are 3/4 length

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    We use real or synthetic fur (you choose) to trim your body armour 

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The Asmund Deluxe SCA Leather Armour has been professionally crafted and dyed by Black Raven Armoury.

Conceived by Alex Agricola, the Asmund set comprises premium grade top grain Veg Tanned leather? (laminated to a minimum 6mm thickness).

It comes ready built and finished in the colour of your choice. We also offer an undyed natural version which is left for you to stain and finish to your taste.

The Asmund is available in two sizes to fit chests ranging from 40-60 inches (102 ? 152 cm?s).

Four months in the making, we wanted to make a functional combat-ready leather armour which was stylish enough to wear to formal function. The Asmund is the end result and we’re proud of what we achieved.

The full SCA Asmund Set comes complete with body (chest-piece, breastplate), greaves (leg guards) and vambraces (arm guards) all with matching designs.

Inspiration for the Asmund comes from the Viking hero Asmund Beserks-Slayer, a character from the Icelandic saga Egils.

The hand-stained and finished article is then embossed with original designs created by our own Viking hero, the artist Micke Johansson.

The Asmund really is a piece suitable for the field of battle and the feast to follow in the halls of Valhalla.

Like all of our work the Asmund has been lovingly prepared, distressed and aged to give it that perfect antique finish.

The Asmund can be further customised with additional stamp-work and is available in heavier grade leather for SCA and Heavy-weight LARP armour systems.

?Of all the Royal faires, I love Bristol the most…that’s where I saw the rider in the Norse armour… he rode a horse as black as coal and looked as if he were ready for Ragnarok.?

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Dimensions55 × 45 × 25 cm



Black Raven Armoury

Chest Size:

40 – 50 inches (102-127 cm's), 50-60 inches (127-152 cm's)

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