Ready Made Leather Armour’s at Black Raven Armoury

We offer an increasing range of Ready Made Leather Armour. Customers frequently choose these  for LARP and Cosplay, or in the Heavier versions SCA and HEMA combat, where the 5mm (13/64th Inches) thickness of leather, is capable of protecting them from substantial damage.
Each of our Armours has a unique style and a number of features.

The Asmund

Each of our Asmund body armours has a massive 25cm (10 inch) size adjustment at the chest and waist, great if it might be worn by a number of people. Inspired by the Asmund Beserks-Slayer, a Viking hero of the Icelandic legendary saga of Egils and embossed with original designs created for Black Raven by our very own Viking hero Artist Micke Johansson, this elegant body armour with its stitched together breast and back plates has many admirers.

The Sigrun

Offering great fitting for ladies, a practical armour that offers far more protection than a chain maille bikini. This design really has come as a result of years of feedback…This war maiden ladies leather armour set, designed by Alex Agricola the founder of Black Raven Armoury, with stunning original Norse Art by our very own Vitor Gonzalez, gives plenty of protection, without sacrificing style and elegance.

The Vendel

Offers excellent fitting and its numerous plates give the impression of a complicated body armour. One of the most unique designs to be created by Alex Agricola and offered by Black Raven Armoury, with once again Norse embossed illustration by Vitor Gonzalez this armour will really stand out on the field.

Asmund Ready Made Leather Armour

Sigrun Ready Made Leather Armour

Vendel Ready Made Leather Armour