Worldwide Express Shipping

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We ship our products all over the world using DHL after leaving our workshops in the United Kingdom they will be on an aircraft the same night

DHL Ship using their own aircraft and in many cases they ship door to door ensuring that we know just who has handled your order from the day it leaves our workshop until the day it arrives at your home or office

USA & Canada

Packages typically reach our North American customers in 2 or 3 working days from shipping.


Express Packages typically reach most EU customers the next working day after we send them, elsewhere it is up to 2 days

Economy Packages take a day or two longer to arrive but cost a little less for delivery

The United Kingdom

Packages typically reach our UK customers the next working day after we send them, Express is almost always the cheapest way to get your order in the UK unless you live in a very isolated location


Packages typically reach most Australian Major Cities within 3-4 days

I live in an isolated location

Generally this is not a problem, it may mean that you have to pay a little more for your delivery and that it can take an extra day or two.

I live in or near a War Zone

No problem DHL will still deliver, however there will be an additional charge built into the shipping where they consider it to be a higher risk

I only have a tiny order

For orders under 2Kg (4.4lb) we can arrange to ship by Packet Post, this typically takes up to 7 working days to reach you but is significantly lower cost than Express shipping